IIM A’s Accelerated General Management Programme Review

What does IIM A’s Accelerated General Management Programme has in store for you?

What is Executive Education?

If you have been looking for a career upgrade or a transformation altogether, executive courses must have been on your mind for quite some time now. You must have been seeing it a lot in your searches and hearing a lot about it from your advisors. So what exactly is executive education? What is IIM Ahmedabad’s Accelerated General Management Programme? And is it actually effective? Jaro Education is here to answer all your questions about it.

To start off with executive education – it is the revolutionising new approach towards growth in your career through education. Gone are the days when one would study for years to get a job and continue with it for the rest of his working years. Now is the dynamic era where people study, gain experience and get back to learning to brush up and upgrade their skills.

Who should get an executive program?

Executive education is designed for working professionals who want to reach higher goals and never settle. It is mostly delivered through a blended or online mode where the participants get to balance their work-life and studies. It has a fast-paced, and in-depth curriculum which fits perfectly for mid-level and experienced managers who want to establish a niche in their career. With most of the Top ranked B-Schools such as Harvard University, IIMs, XLRI School of Management, etc offering executive programmes one need not worry about the validation and authenticity of executive education. If you have been dreaming of studying at and being a part of such heritage institutes then executive education is a perfect choice.

Some of the current and past participants of AGMP by IIM Ahmedabad include Business Development Heads, Product Heads, Financial Analysts, General Managers, Associate Vice Presidents, Marketing Managers, etc. from leading organisations of varied industries.

Why AGMP and IIM Ahmedabad?

Accelerated General Management Programme (AGMP) by IIM Ahmedabad is one of the most premium and oldest executive programme in the country. With all the Accelerated General Management Programme by IIM Ahmedabad reviews online, one can easily see the potential that this programme holds.

Here’s why the combination of AGMP and IIM Ahmedabad can prove to be the next great thing for your career:

1 Year intensive programme: While there are many executive programmes in the market which last for 3 to 6 months, programmes like AGMP have duration of 1 year, ideal for a fast-paced yet intensive curriculum.

Contemporary and Global Perspectives: Management is a dynamic field that changes at the speed of light. The curriculum of AGMP is curated and taught by the expert IIM faculty with this evolution in mind. IIM Ahmedabad is known for its excellent pedagogy. AGMP too follows the same pedagogy which is more practical than theoretical. The case studies are taken from the course content of Harvard and other such world-class B-Schools.

The programme aims at instilling contemporary management skills of general management along with a global perspective of the same. It covers topics such as Design Thinking, Creativity and Innovation, New Media, Leadership, etc.

Certification and Alumni Status: One of the highlights found in the Accelerated General Management Programme reviews online are about its certification and alumni status. Being a part of the top-ranked B-School of India, IIM Ahmedabad is a dream of every management professional and this programme brings you this precious opportunity. The many notable alumni of IIM Ahmedabad include Harsha Bhogle, Raghuram Rajan (Indian Economist), Chetan Bhagat (Indian Author), Deep Kalra (CEO, MakeMyTrip), Arvind Subramanian (Former Chief Economic Adviser to Government of India) and many more.

Networking Opportunities: Being a part of the IIM Ahmedabad’s Alumni means being a part of the vast network of the IIM Ahmedabad. The blended mode of the programme also lets you connect with the varied professionals from different industries and gain from their rich experiences at the campus immersions at IIM A as well as the Virtual Classrooms of Jaro Education.

Why Jaro Education?

As the exclusive marketing and technological partner of IIM Ahmedabad’s AGMP, Jaro Education makes its world-class HD Virtual Classrooms available to all its participants for their online lessons. Assuring a learning experience of a lifetime, these are 2-way interactive online classes with the esteemed faculty of IIM Ahmedabad. Bridging the gap between outstanding institutes such as IIM A, IIM Trichy, IMT Ghaziabad, NSE Academy, etc, Jaro Education has been catering to the needs of working professionals since 2019. Leveraging the latest technologies Jaro Education has transformed over 1 Lakh 50 Thousand careers similarly.

So is AGMP by IIM Ahmedabad really worth it?

To help you draw a conclusion to any more reservations that you might have, here’s what the participants of AGMP have to say about their experience.

Mr. Prem Bharat Thakker, (Analyst, Unilazer Ventures) says, “The experience has been very enriching, you get to learn diverse subjects like Marketing, HR, IT, Financial Services, Design Thinking. It really helps you shape-up as a management individual.”

About the nature of the programme and its delivery mode he says, “I would say it is actually better than offline. The professor can look at each of the participants individually through the centres (Jaro) and the interaction becomes much more lively than even the classroom set up.”

Mr. Premal Dave (General Manager, StemCyte India) says, “We are actually learning the proper subject with the case studies of current affairs….Simply go for it!”