Doctor of Business Administration Program

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In the changing times, emerging leaders’ needs to polish their industry know-how and skills to face any obstacles for leveraging career advancement. A Doctor Program will address them with new knowledge to stay ahead of the rest of the world. This interdisciplinary PhD combines new-age knowledge and rigorous academic competence that helps participants to choose the option that quenches their intellectual thrust.

The top degree in academic management education is the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). 

The DBA program is one of the most challenging and fulfilling levels of university education. The Swiss School of Management has created some of the best doctoral programs in the world. This Online DBA Course offers unique elements that provide graduates with tremendous value beyond the prestigious Doctorate. The engagement of highly famous and respected academics as Directors of Studies is one of several academic collaborations contributing to the extraordinary program quality.

During an Online DBA Program, each student will be assisted by a program director and faculty. However, they would be required to work independently due to the unique nature of such advanced courses.

What is the duration of the Doctor of Business Administration program?

The DBA program at SSM is structured such that students can complete it in two years. The majority of the time, additional extensions are not given. Coursework, Research facility, and Graduate thesis are the three components of the curriculum. Students are supervised and instructed by their mentor and supervisor during these periods.

The study program adheres to worldwide higher education standards and meets the European Union’s Higher Education Harmonisation Process requirements. It is divided into two blocks and consists of five taught Research Method units. DBA Programs are four semesters long and take 120 ECTS credits to complete.

The DBA program is built on a practice-oriented study model. All lessons of the Online DBA Course are held online due to the pandemic. Each student can further inquire about the manner of delivery at many local SSM Learning Centers. On-site learning, web-based training, collaborative learning, and online learning are mixed with work-based classroom instruction, aided by systematic coaching or overseen by professors and faculty members.

The DBA Degree framework is in line with worldwide standards for postgraduate education and meets the European Union’s Higher Education Harmonisation Process criteria. The Swiss School of Management is dedicated to impressing and expressing in all its courses. Impressing via the value of the Online DBA Programs culminate in degrees that convey the exceptional abilities of people receiving them. This allows them to pursue a successful career in industry, administration, or academics.

Doctor of Business Administration Program

What are the career options after a Doctor of Business Administration Online?

Interested students can pursue a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree at the Swiss School of Management, which emphasises integrative and online learning strategies. The curriculum is well-structured and IACBE-accredited worldwide. Individuals have complete control over when they begin, halt, and end.

Doctoral candidates might choose between two primary professional paths. The Professional Doctorate is the first option. It is important not to misunderstand the term “professional.” These are by no means limited to professional credentials. Professional doctorate studies have just been created worldwide and are now recognised as complete doctoral degrees. Applied sciences, as opposed to PhD studies, are concerned with research in what is known as the natural world and its application. Similarly, the Doctor of Business Administration is the most well-known degree program here.

As seen through their job application outcomes, the industries are particularly attracted to such graduates, as DBA Degree skills and capabilities must exceed those of almost any Master’s degree. DBA students will have to contribute by integrating research with specific business difficulties; they might regularly face this issue at work. In reality, most DBA students would choose to handle a business problem that they are highly familiar with and present their work as a case study.

On the other hand, many PhD graduates are interested in putting their knowledge into practice. As a result, they are the top contenders for senior management roles. Meanwhile, there is little question that PhD studies have retained their value and appeal.


Practising individuals who want to move to higher leadership roles or work as consultants in various business domains should consider the Doctor of Business Administration Program. This program equips you with business and management knowledge, practical skills, and hands-on experience. It’s also about personal capacity; it will help you improve your overall skills, advance your career, and broaden your professional connections. A DBA Degree suggests that an ambitious employee is willing to invest in their career, whether they pursue a promotion or a new professional direction.

Doctor of Business Administration Program

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