Top Entry-Level Finance Jobs in 2022

In the post pandemic era, India is looking toward a dynamic change in the banking and finance sectors. According to Credit Suisse, India’s economy could rise by 10.5% in the FY 2022 and around 9% in the FY 2023. This provides ample employment opportunities for financial professionals to become a part of the banking and finance sectors and pursue various Banking and Finance Courses instead of a full-time MBA.

The Post Graduate Certification Programme in Banking & Finance provides a detailed insight into the mechanisms of the financial world and functioning of the NBFC. It also analyses fee-based financial services and describes how finance forms the backbone of an organisation.

Best Entry-Level Finance Jobs

Professionals interested in pursuing a career in finance and banking should opt for the Certificate Course in Banking and Finance, which would give them a competitive edge over others. Let us look at some entry-level finance jobs:

  • Investment banking analyst: This is one of the most prestigious jobs in the financial sector, where a professional works with large corporates, venture capitalist firms, and government institutions to evaluate and research investment opportunities. The analyst is the entry-level profile at any investment bank, venture firm, or hedge fund. The duties of an investment banking analyst include industry research, financial analysis of corporations, and documentation related to financial deals. The interpretations provided by the analyst play a crucial role in determining the outcome of a corporate deal. Several Banking Certificate Courses can equip a professional to be eligible for this job profile.
  • Financial analyst: Financial analysts find employment in financial consulting firms, insurance companies, corporates, and investment companies. A financial analyst collects and analyses various budgets and income projections of companies. Their duties include performing business studies for the corporation, forecasting models based on their analysis, and submitting financial reports to their firm for a better decision on a particular organisation. The Post Graduate Certification Programme in Banking and Finance can help professionals enter this sector and excel in their careers.
  • Personal financial adviser: Nowadays, many people are interested in investing in the stock market, insurance policies, mutual funds, bonds, for which they seek the right professional advice. In this booming financial period, a personal financial adviser is in much demand, just like the above two professions. These advisers analyse the financial needs of the client and advise them to invest in the right segment to avail of more returns. They provide solutions in terms of long-term or short-term investments.
  • Junior tax associate: Certain financial services, such as taxation services, are always in demand. With a degree in professional banking courses, individuals can start their professional career as a junior tax associate/accountant. They can find employment in companies that require a professional to calculate their taxes, analyse the internal fiscal systems, prepare tax-related documents, and work on financial research for the company. This profile may look monotonous, but with experience, an individual can rise to profiles like accounting manager, budget director, or chief financial officer.

B&F - IIM Trichy

The Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Banking and Finance from IIM Trichy is a one-year live online course, where professionals are introduced to several modules like fundamentals of banking and financial services, management of Forex, mergers and acquisitions, application of IT in banks and financial services and many others.


With the world gradually recovering from the pandemic, the financial sector is looking at a huge boost, and to tackle the demand, corporates are looking for professionals who can handle their finances and guide them. With job opportunities increasing in the banking and finance sector, the Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Banking and Finance from IIM Trichy can prepare professionals to enter the industry and rise in their careers.


  • What certificate will I be receiving for this banking and finance course?

Once you have completed the course, you will receive the “Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Banking and Finance – IIM Trichy.”

  • What are the payment plans available for the Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Banking and Finance from IIM Trichy?

The total fee for the course is INR 2,11,000/- plus 18% GST. The payment is divided into four terms: INR 73,500/- should be paid before the first term, INR 42,500/- before the second term, INR 42,500/- before the third term, and INR 52,500/- before the final term.

  • What kind of jobs will I get after completing the Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Banking and Finance?

You can find employment as an investment banking analyst, junior tax accountant, personal financial adviser, financial analyst, and others after the completion of this course.

  • What salary will I get when I complete the Certificate Course in Banking and Finance?

The salary depends on the job profile and company. But the Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Banking and Finance from IIM Trichy will enable you to get good employment opportunities in the financial sector.

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